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Buddhism says we need three things: Our Higher Power/the Divine/God; Our Work in the world/Our Community.

Our spiritual community is where we bring our whole selves; to share, to give and receive, to laugh and cry, to forgive ourselves and all others and to learn and grow together. Without community we have no feedback, no mirror to reflect back to us how our beliefs and attitudes affect the world around us.

Our fellow students and teachers of Life are there to gently remind us, not only where we may need a course correction, but most importantly they remind us who and what we really are when we forget.

We take what we have learned out into our larger community; into our homes, our jobs, the freeway and the corner market. Who we are and what we believe about ourselves and everyone, everywhere, affects everything we do; how we treat each other, respect each other, give loving service to each other for the pure joy of it, expecting nothing in return.

Life, in community, fills a great need in the human heart. Everyone wants to feel needed, to be an integral part of something greater than themselves. Community provides that opportunity.