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About Us

The Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living has been a spiritual community in Santa Clarita since November 1982.

In November 1982 we opened the doors as Santa Clarita Church of Religious Science. In November 2011 we became Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living.

Science of Mind/Centers for Spiritual Living Brief History

Dr. Ernest Holmes founded the spiritual movement, Science of Mind, in 1927. Dr. Holmes spent his teenage years outdoors, asking himself "What is God? Who am I? Why am I here?" This questioning led to his 1926 book, The Science of Mind, which outlined the foundational viewpoints of modern New Thought.

The Church or Religious Science was formed in 1953. In 1955 the church split into two separate religious science churches that eventually came back together in 2009 to form the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Santa Clarita SCL Today

We are an ever-growing group of warm-hearted, spiritually-minded and talented community. The Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living accepts all walks of life as we walk with God/Spirit and apply the principles of the Science of Mind in our daily lives.

We wholeheartedly enjoy meeting new people, socializing, eating, giving classes/workshops on a whole host of spiritual topics and inviting guest speakers to our Sunday services. We are always looking for ways to deepen our connection with ourselves, spirit and our friends and neighbors. We look to serve our community in ways that deepen our connection with the Divine Spirit.

Join us today!

Santa Clarita Church History

On October 12, 1975 the Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living was birthed under the guidance and care of Reverend Dr. Sharron Stroud as the Science of Mind Church of Positive Thinking.

Since 1975, the church has been a leader in the Santa Clarita community by helping it’s members and class participants develop their minds around the idea “as you think, so you become.”

Classes and lectures from presiding ministers and guest speakers have included topics such as:

  • How to Plan a Joyous Future (1970’s)
  • Reflections & Creative Workshop & The Greatest Success in the World (1980’s)
  • Expect Your Unexpected Good (1980’s)
  • Achieving Excellence in Life (1980’s)
  • The Theology of Healing (1980’s)
  • Removing Restrictions & Self Esteem courses (1990’s)
  • Move Beyond Wishing You Had Money (1990’s)
  • The Force is Always With Us (2000’s)
  • Peace Harmony and Balance From the Inside Out (2000’s)

Church members have also reveled in social engagements with each other and the community. Some examples include:

  • Santa Clarita Community Gong Show (1979)
  • “Let There Be” written in 1991 by church singer Earl Bullock after L.A. riots
  • Prayer Circles and Intention Circles (multiple years)
  • Community Easter speeches at local venues and organizations (multiple years)
  • Habitat for Humanity (multiple years)
  • Christmas Eve candle lighting and Christmas Giving programs (multiple years)
  • Spring to Health Fairs (multiple years)
  • Bake sales, luncheons, costume parties, Bar-B-Que’s, receptions, community outreach, live music and potlucks galore! (All years)
  • There have even been parties where members dressed up in their “finest hobo duds” (1980’s)… who knew?