18364 Soledad Canyon Road,
Santa Clarita, CA 91387
(661) 298-9411

What To Expect

When you walk into a Center for Spiritual Living, you discover that thing you always knew existed, but didn’t know where to find it. It feels, for most of us, like coming home. We are a warm and loving community where all are welcome. We honor all faiths and traditions, knowing all there is, is God.

We resonate with the Truth when we hear it. We feel it in our hearts and souls. No one needs to tell us that it’s true and once we know it, no one can take it away. Our whole life changes, because now we know we have a limitless Power within us that responds to our directed thought.

Prayer Circle 9:15-9:30 AM

Those who arrive early come together in a circle.  This is a time of reflection and expression of what we are grateful for.  If we do not wish to speak we just pass to the next person. 

Meditation 9:30-9:45 AM

With soft music playing, the practitioner of the day leads us through a centering thus allowing us to calm our minds and be able to meditate.

Church Service 10:00-11:00 AM

Opening Song – Our Musician plays music to welcome us into the sanctuary.  We then all stand to sing a song to start the day.  (Lyrics are displayed on the monitor).

Meet and Greet your neighbor (Just turn to the people around you and say Hi, or Namaste, you may also shake hands or hug).

Announcements the Board President or Vice President will give the announcements of upcoming activities or events.

Musical Inspiration

Interactive Affirmations The practitioner of the day will guide us through some affirmations.  This is a time where the congregation may share their favorite affirmation.

Inspirational Reading and Prayer The practitioner will do a short reading which is connected to the reverend’s talk of that day.  Following the reading the practitioner will say a prayer.

Musical Inspiration

Today’s Message The reverend will share the message of the day and conclude with prayer.

Conscious Giving The musician will start us off with singing the song “Grace and Gratitude” by Olivia Newton John, (the words are on the monitor) and this is a time where we make our tithe or a gift to the church.

Musical Inspiration

Closing Circle This is the time where the entire congregation stands and we form a circle.  We will pass a basket filled with affirmation cards.  We each pick one.  What ever you pick is meant for you.   We also allow people to share anything they would like to share, such as answered prayer.  Finally we hold hands and sing the Peace song. (The words are on the monitor.)

One Minute Miracle Anyone is welcome to ask to speak with a practitioner following the service.  You will have noticed that we have Kleenex boxes scattered throughout the church under the chairs.  It is not uncommon for people to become so moved during the service that they need a tissue.   This is why the practitioners are available to speak with you.  Just go up and let the practitioner know you would like to speak with them.  They are happy to do so.  They will take you to the office area and pray with you. 

Fellowship Following this we may chat with the reverend, a practitioner, board members, or old and new friends.  In the fellowship area you may help yourself to coffee, tea, water, and whatever food we may be serving for that day.  We may have cake or cookies, fruit, or maybe even some sandwiches if it happens to be a day when we have a board meeting.  The fourth Sunday of the month is when we have our board meeting and all are welcome to attend unless it is a closed meeting. 

To save on paper, we ask that you recycle the aqua colored Program into the basket upon leaving.  The white Activities and Church Info. paper is for you to take home.

We welcome you to join us for Sunday service and any of the activities our center has to offer.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to info@scc4sl.org or call the office 661-298-9411.