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Marion Wishall

Marion Behrend Wishall, RScP Emeritus, PhD

In September 2016 Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living was in a process of change. The Minister, Rev. Tina Fox had resigned just a few months earlier, and then our Board President, Mary Douglas, RScP was instructed by her doctor to step down due to excess stress in her life. Dr. Marion had already stepped into the position of a temporary Spiritual Leader, leading the visioning for the church, that it just seemed she was the right person to step into the role of Board President.

The qualifications that Dr. Marion brings to her position is that she has the vision for the church, it is her passion to have this church grow, in addition she is a retired business owner. She understands what it takes to build a business. Although people may not think of the church as a business, but if it is not run like a business then it will not evolve into a beautiful Sanctuary where people can come and receive their spiritual food.

“Ernest Holmes said ‘the practitioner is the healing arm of the church’, and I have taken this to heart. I hope you enjoy our Sanctuary and are nourished by the teaching, the ministers, the practitioners’ prayers, and the community. Blessings to all.”