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Affirmations are positive statements that help us turn away from worry, fear, or doubt.  In its place we accept the affirmative, the good we wish to manifest in our life.   

Child Safety
My child is in the love and the light of God at all time. No matter where my child is God is. God’s healing loving energy flows in, around, and through my child. My child is divinely guided, guarded and protected. Knowing this is so, I give thanks and so it is.

Divine Guidance
I am always divinely guided, guarded and protected where ever I am, whomever I meet, where ever I go. God is ever present in my life. Thank you God.

Financial Prosperity
I accept financial prosperity in my life right here, right now. All my needs are met easily, effortlessly and in a timely manner. I have extra to share and to spare. I accept this for myself, I give thanks, and so it is.

Perfect physical, mental and emotional health unfolds in my life right here and right now. I am divinely guided to the right and perfect medical team regarding my health care. I accept peace, love, happiness, harmony and wholeness in my life. I give thanks knowing that this is so, and so it is.

Inner Peace
No matter what the appearance may be, I release any worry or concern. In it’s place I breath in the love and serenity of Spirit. I am safe, all is well and unfolding in divine order. I give thanks for peace of mind.

Let Go Let God
God is all there is. No one or no thing has power over me. I am a divine creation of God and the strength of God is within me. I accept and recognize that I am enough, I am adequate, I am safe, I am free, I am whole, perfect and complete. Thank you God.

Letting Go of Mistakes
We are all on our own life path. Mistakes are all a part of life. This is where we learn. I forgive myself for my mistakes and I incorporate the learnings into my life. I am open and receptive to change for my greatest and highest good. I claim only good for myself, right here and right now, and so it is.

Letting Go of Relationships
I give thanks for the time we spent together, for the good memories, and all that I learned about life, myself and relationships. Knowing each of us are on our own life path, I lovingly release and let go of this relationship. I know God is in the midst of all, and only the greatest and highest good is unfolding for each of us as we move forward on our path. I give thanks and know that this is so and so it is.

I love myself just the way I am. I am a divine creation of God. God is love, I am love. I am loveable and I love myself. Thank you God.

Peace in our Cities
I send peace to each and every city in our country. No matter what the appearances or differences may be, peace is unfolding. I hold this truth in my heart and know that God is in the midst of all. Peace is unfolding now, and so it is.

Peace in the World
No matter what the appearances may be, I know that our government and all the governments of the world have the intention for peace. Peace is flowing through the world like a river. It may be a small stream right now, but as rivers grow so does peace. I see peace everywhere. Thank you God.

I know that I am divinely guided, guarded and protected. No matter where I go, whom I meet, or what I do, I am always in the love and the light of God. I give thanks knowing that this is so, and so it is.

Release of Fear
I release and let go of any appearance of fear or anxiety. Knowing that I am one with God and I am always surrounded by the love and the light of God, I accept safety and peace of mine. I walk in peace and strength. God is all there is.

Facing Surgery
As I (or my loved one) go into surgery, I know that Spirit is by my side. All the doctors, nurses and medical team are divinely guided for my right and perfect care. I come through the surgery easily and effortlessly. My recovery goes swiftly and smoothly. I accept this good and so it is.