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What Is A Practitioner?

A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner is one who has completed years of class studies and trained to help people use the art and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment, may be called prayer, to solve problems and to correct situations.  He or she has the understanding and training to impersonally assist clients to handle their personal problems.  A practitioner lives, demonstrates, and practices spiritual truth.  They support others in creating healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives, by recognizing the creative power within each and every one of us.  The practitioner is license is granted by the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, CO  www.csl.org  . 

Practitioner FAQ's


We have a list of practitioners at our church and on the website.  The relationship with you and a practitioner is similar as working with a licensed counselor.  The practitioner keeps your information in confidence, except if there is something that needs to be reported to the authorities.  We are bound by ethical standards and are considered mandated reporters. 

There are three different ways you can use the services of a practitioner.

  • One Minute Miracle - Following the Sunday service you may request to speak with a practitioner at that time. The practitioner will guide you into the office to allow for privacy.  You may tell the practitioner what it is that is concerning or upsetting you.  The practitioner will treat (pray) with you right then and there.   Your name will also be placed on a prayer list for all the practitioners to keep you in prayer for a week.  If you do not want others to know the need for prayer, and only want that practitioner to keep you in prayer, you may ask for that. 
  • Private Appointment – All practitioners see private clients. Each practitioner sets their own fee.  After making an appointment you may meet your practitioner in the church office, or work together on the phone, facetime, or skype.  This is the time where you can express your concerns or needs and the practitioner will do a spiritual mind treatment, thus the law of Mind and Spirit is set in motion to correct the problem.  Your practitioner may also guide you with suggestions of right thinking and spiritual understanding. 
  • Prayer Request – Making a prayer request can be done in two ways. One is to email prayer@scc4sl.org and make your prayer request.  The second way is to place a prayer request in the prayer box located in the church lobby.  One of the practitioners picks up all the prayer requests and informs all the practitioners as to who is requesting prayer, and what they need prayer for.   You will be held in prayer for one week.  If you want more prayer you will need to resubmit your prayer request.     
  • Answered Prayer – We all like to hear about good news, and especially the practitioners.  They like to hear when answered prayer has unfolded and how it happened.  It is feedback to their good work.  Please send us an email to prayer@scc4sl.org when you have answered prayer.  The practitioners will be informed.  If you are willing to share your answered prayer please let us know and we will post it on our website or in our newsletter.

Spiritual Mind Treatment, is a scientific prayer and is taught and practiced by Centers for Spiritual Living.  It is based on the belief that we are surrounded by a universal Mind, which reacts to our thoughts according to law.  With the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment the individual’s consciousness (our belief about our self and our situation) is changed, thus causing a change in our body and affairs.    

Centers for Spiritual Living recognizes Universal Spirit.  The basis of all healing is taken from the bible, John 8:32, “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.  The truth is that we are already free, we are “created in the image of God” Genesis 1:27.  No matter what the situation or condition may appear to be, or how long it has existed, it can be changed under one law of love – the law of universal God Mind. 

There are five steps to a Spiritual Mind Treatment.

  • Recognition – In this step we recognize that there is one Mind, one God, flowing in and around and through all.
  • Unification – Here we unify our self with the one Mind. Everyone is one with the one Mind.  We recognize as we speak the word of truth I know this for all who come to mind.
  • Realization – In this awareness of the one Mind and the awareness of our connection to the one Mind we can speak the word for whatever the need may be. Whether it is for perfect health, financial abundance, perfect home, divine guidance, etc. it is accepted as it has already happened.
  • Gratitude – Knowing that the words spoken are already complete in the mind of God we give thanks for answered prayer.
  • Release – From this all knowing and accepting vibration we release these words into the action of the law, knowing that prayers are answered. And so it is.

The Release is the most important step.  We cannot return to doubt and fears.  If we do that then we are undoing the prayer.  We must let it go and accept it.  Our mind is very powerful.  If you cannot believe the answered prayer, then you must believe your practitioner because they believe.  PLEASE do NOT go back into the fear or worry.  

When we are so close to the situation or in the midst of turmoil about the situation, we cannot arrive at an objective viewpoint regarding the truth of the situation.  It can also be that one may lack the training or experience needed to know the truth.  It is one thing to say the words, it is quite another to truly believe the truth deep within.  That is where the healing takes place, having that total, without a doubt belief of the truth.  This is what the practitioner is trained to do.

Realize that ministers and practitioners have their own practitioner.  This does not say anything negative about the minister or practitioner.  We all have our own life challenges.  In those times a practitioner or minister looks deep within and if they realize that they may be having a challenge in recognizing the truth of a situation they will turn it over to a practitioner or fellow minister.  Just that act of releasing the situation to another is releasing the fears, worries or concerns, thus allowing the good to flow in.